What do Kiteboarding Experts have to Say About La Ventana?

Date: 27/08/2014

La Ventana: A top kiteboarding destination

It’s always easy to speak good about the places you love, but this time we wanted to share what some kiteboarding professional say about La Ventana, Baja Sur, Mexico.

Discovery News names La Ventana one of the top 10 kiteboarding spots in the world

Kitesurf Vacations calls La Ventana “the new Tarifa or Cabarete” 

Destination Kiteboarding “La Ventana kiteboarding creates an ideal place to hang out for a while when kitesurfing in Mexico” 

NewWind Kite School “La Ventana is quite possibly the world's best location to learn to kiteboard.” 

Xtreme Sports “La Ventana is a place which was made for kite-boarding” 

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