MTB in Baja Sur - The top rated tracks in Mexico

Date: 12/03/2015

A paradise for those who love mountain biking adventures

mtb trail la ventana baja sur

Owners and visitors of Rancho Sotol will soon have access to an outdoor fitness trail and a MTB trail made with the guidelines by the IMBA (International Moutain Bike Association). Adding easy and family friendly sections as well as sections of made for pro MTB riders (including a hanging bridge over the Rancho Sotol canyon). Enjoying a safe ride with amazing views, rest stations and emergency kits along the way.

Also enjoy easy access from Rancho Sotol to the top MTB trails in Mexico as rated by Here are the tracks ranked in all Mexico:

Ranked #1: Warren Avenue
Difficulty: Intermediate
About: Super flowy and fast downhill trail with incredible views of the beach and Sea of Cortez.

Ranked #4: Los Topes
Difficulty: Beginner
About: Amazing flowing single track downhill ride to the bluffs overlooking the beach.

Ranked #14: Azadon Grande
Difficulty: Advanced
About: Incredible high desert ride with lots of switchbacks and boulders descending to lower desert.

Ranked #38:Pista Pista Peligrosa
Difficulty: Advanced
About: Technical boulder ride through arroyo

Ranked #44:John’s Java Trail
Difficulty: Easiest
About: The upper half of this trail is rolling fun on hard packed sand. The lower portion is on loose sand and flatter.

Ranked #45:Slim Jim’s
Difficulty: Beginner
About: This is a climbing trail bringing you close to the start points of the other trails in the north shore system.

Ranked #51:Ruta del Sargento
Difficulty: ?
About: This is the race course for the El Sargento bike race. Mostly double track. 2 km of single track.

Ranked #52:El Delgado
Difficulty: ?
About: Starts off easy but finishes with a mini version of Zippity Do Da in Fruita, Colorado..

Check out a short footage of the Warren Ave trail:

Other world-class activities to do here:

  • Kite surfing (Ranked on world´s top 5 by Discovery News) 
  • Spearfishing
  • Sport fishing (mahi-mahi, tuna, marlin, rooster fish, you name it! ) 
  • Scuba

Rancho Sotol offers unique properties in Baja for outdoor lovers and adventure seekers. Contact us to learn more at

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