Rancho Sotol Made the Local Newspapers

Date: 20/03/2014

Not long ago we had the privilege to host a movie night with representatives from the Gringo Gazette, one of the most recognized newspapers in Los Cabos, certainly the most recognized amongst Americans living and visiting Los Cabos. 

Soon after hearing a small presentation about what is Rancho Sotol we were mentioned in their newspaper in the following article which you can find on on page 42 of the Vol.19 Ed.12 on February 10th, 2014:

Residential Developments Are Banging Away Again

After several grim years of down tools, they have renewed financing and renewed vigor

Following the financial debacle of 2008, it was hard to find a residential development that we could present to you with any positive news, so we pushed on to other subjects. That’s all changed, and we’re back presenting you with an assortment of housing opportunities. We plan on reporting to you on all the developments that have sprung to life, one project at time, each issue.

Let’s start with kind of an odd ball piece of land that’s under development in kind of an odd ball location, because we like it and we count on a bunch of our readers being a bit off kilter as well.

Rancho Sotol is promoted as a nature reserve and adventure community. Thos are their words. They’re selling largish plots to build your own, ecological home. It’s a nice gently sloping chunk of land that gives everyone an ocean view even though it’s a little more than a mile from the beach in La Ventana. Yup, it’s off the grid and it’s near the town of La Ventana, which means the window in Spanish. It’s a big kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving, sport fishing, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking center or in the cactus directly east of La Paz. Your big clue to the attraction to this area is the first two activities: It’s windy and the wind surfers and kiters love it. They are who have built this s mall town. Small as in smaller than Los Barriles just down the road, and way smaller than Todos Santos. Maybe it stays small because of its steady winds from November to March.

Because La Ventana has been settled by young sporty types, it’s a fun town with beachside bars, funky beachside hotels, and lots of live music. The town has a special vibe, different from any other town in southern Baja. Trolling the highway that goes through it, it’s hard to detect much, as the best eateries are tucked away. You will need to drive down the small street that parallels the highway and park and get out because the businesses front the ocean, presenting their rather unattractive and uninviting back side to arrivals. You have to enjoy this burgh, which gives hope tat it won’t be discovered and changed any time soon. The town of el Sargento is the next closest civilization and tat’s even smaller. 

A really good source of information on what’s available in La Ventana is at It’s one of the best websites we’ve seen and after a tour through it, you will have a little bit of an idea if this area is for you.

Rancho Sotol is a patch of land up behind the town on the slope, ant is being created and marketed by a couple of smart young well educated Mexicans. They’re trying to be environmentally sensitive with low density, promising to develop only 29% of the land with lots that are less than 6500 square feet.  Your footprint on that is limited to 860 square feet or 1400 square feet but two levels are permitted. As a low impact development there are building guidelines protecting nature and your investment.

They have architects who help you design something that’s really cool, yet simple. They are encouraging indoor/outdoor structures, or even “glamping”, which is a trend these days towards glamorous, (comfy), camping. We like to call that Teddy Roosevelt camping. Often that’s a nearly permanent tent pitched on a wooden platform.

If you want to, you can let them rent out your cabin as a hotel rooms when you’re not there. They will take care of the check in, cleaning services, amenities, activity center, equipment rental and anything the guests need for a 30% fee. They claim they have contacts among those people who are looking for stay and play packages like this, which they say is a new vacation trend in outdoor aficionados looking to stay in a place that promotes nature, but with comfort and reasonable prices.

Prices start at $19,000 USD, with discounts for cash. Financing is available starting at $615 a month.

If you have any tiny bit of interest at all, take a look at their sales display in San Jose because t’s a hoot. They have the coolest space in the San Jose art district, on Alvaro Obregon St, which is the long main street in the district. They are inside the Baja Smart garden. Yes, it’s an indoor garden.“ 

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