Characteristics of Rancho Sotol’s Location in La Ventana

Date: 31/03/2014

Rancho Sotol is located on a hillside overlooking La Ventana, and this has great benefits. First of all, the views from up there are unmatched; you have a full panoramic view of the Sea of Cortez, the Cerralvo Island and the bay of La Ventana. This allows you to watch whales and kitesurfers from “observatory station”. 

It’s also a quiet spot which gets virtually no noise from town so you can enjoy the relaxed pace of nature, and no light pollution at night which allows you to have an incredible stargazing experience. 

It’s only around 2km away from the sea, which translates into a 5 minute drive or a 10 minute bike ride. 
On the left side of Rancho Sotol there’s a medium sized hill which helps protect us from the strong winds in La Ventana, so when others feel strong gust of wind and sand, you might only be feeling a nice breeze.

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