Endemic plants and trees from Baja California Sur

Date: 26/03/2015

The beautiful desert life

Here’s a list of the endemic plants or regional vegetation from La Ventana, Baja California Sur:

Scientific name: Bursera microphylia
Common name (in Spanish): Torote Colorado
Common name (in English): Elephant Tree
Torote Baja Sur MexicoElephant tree baja sur mexico

Scientific name: Pachycereus pringlei
Common name (in Spanish): Cardón pelón
Common name (in English): Mexican Giant Cardon or Elephant Cactus
Cardon Cactus baja sur mexico

Scientific name: Cyrtocarpa edulis
Common name (in Spanish): Ciruelo
Common name (in English): Plum-tree
plum tree baja mexico

Scientific name: Machaerocereus gummosus
Common name (in Spanish): Pitahaya agria
Common name (in English): Sour pitaya
sour pitaya baja mexico closeup
sour pitaya baja mexico

Scientific name: Opuntia cholla or Cylindropuntia
Common name (in Spanish): Cholla
Common name (in English): Chain link cholla or jumping cholla
jumping cholla closeup baja mexico
jumping cactus baja mexico

Scientific name: Fouqueira digetii
Common name (in Spanish): Palo Adán
Common name (in English): Adam’s Tree
adams tree baja mexico
adams tree flower baja

Scientific name: Lemaireocereus thurberi
Common name (in Spanish): Pitahaya dulce
Common name (in English): Organ Pipe Cactus
organ pipe cactus baja mexico

Scientific name: Bursera hindsiana
Common name (in Spanish): Copal or torote prieto
Common name (in English): Copalquin or Red elephant tree
red elephant tree baja mexico
red elephant tree closeup

Scientific name: Mammillaria tetrancistra
Common name (in Spanish): Viejito
Common name (in English): common fishhook cactus
fishhook cactus baja mexico
viejito cactus baja mexico

Scientific name: Jatropha cinerea
Common name (in Spanish): Lomboy
Common name (in English): Sonoran Desert Caudex Tree
sonoran desert caudex tree baja mexico
sonoran desert cadeux tree closup

Scientific name: Lophocereus schotii
Common name (in Spanish): Garambullo
Common name (in English): Bilberry Cactus, Whortleberry Cactus or Blue Candle
bilberry cactus baja mexico
small whortlebarry cactus

Scientific name: Ferocactus peninsulae
Common name (in Spanish): Biznaga
Common name (in English): Berrel Cactus
berrel cactus baja mexico

And this is gigant biznaga that you can find at the Jacques Cousteau Island (aka Cerralvo Island) just in front of the bay of La Ventana.

gigant biznaga cerralvo island

Scientific name: Eucnide urens
Common name (in Spanish): N/A
Common name (in English): Velcro Plant and Vegetable Velcro

Velcro Plang Baja MexicoVegetable Velcro

Scientific name: Agave datylio
Common name (in Spanish): Sotol (known this way in Baja California Sur)
Common name (in English): Sotol (known this way in Baja California Sur)

Sotol at Rancho sotolSotol baja sur

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