Glamping in La Ventana at Rancho Sotol. The perfect spot

Date: 18/12/2013

Glamping in La Ventana at Rancho Sotol

Recently, a global trend has caught the attention of many outdoor enthusiasts that offers an upgrade in rest and recreation. They call it GLAMPING, and is a new word for a new kind of travel defined by “glamorous camping”. It’s now a worldwide trend and Rancho Sotol offers the perfect spot for this kind of travelers.

But what makes it so special? Well, most of us love camping, but what stops us from doing it every weekend? Why don’t we set up a camping spot on our favorite spots every week or every month? Mostly it’s because it’s a big hassle to carry and set up a camping site. Glamping offers a perfect way to experience the outdoors without sacrificing luxury and time. When you’re glamping, there’s no tent to pitch, no sleeping bag to unroll, no fire to build. Whether in a tent, yurt, airstream, hut, villa or treehouse, glamping is a way to experience nature and outdoor recreation in a more sophisticated way.

And why is Rancho Sotol a perfect spot for glamping? Basically, we got the best spot in town and the master plan will ensure that your investment will be protected.

La Ventana is one of the most amazing places in Baja for outdoor activities, and we’ve studied the land for quite some time now. We discovered a perfect spot that is close enough to town (2km away) to be at the sea or at the local store in 5 minutes, yet far away from town that you won’t listen to any noise and there will be no light pollution for you to enjoy the perfect stargazing, which thanks to the land’s height you won’t have to be looking up to see the stars, just look straight ahead and see the sea’s horizon followed by a dark sky full of bright stars.

Rancho Sotol’s master plan is also well planned. We ensure that everyone will have a spectacular view of the bay and the Jacques Cousteau Island. The land’s elevation and slope will ensure that no one outside can put up a building high enough to block your view and our internal regulations are planed so that no one inside Rancho Sotol blocks others’ views. 

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