Hurricane Odile Afterthought: Grand Tourism VS Sustainable Tourism

Date: 21/09/2014

Pushing towards a sustainable future for Baja Sur

This past weekend Baja California Sur was hit by Hurricane Odile (an update on this will be posted soon), and after the storm we learned a lot about the way we use the most important resources in our lives (like clean water and electricity) in such a wasteful and unappreciated way.  And it´s not because using them in a responsible way makes our lives so much harder. It´s just that we sometimes don´t stop to think about how these resources we use and take for granted in our lives can have us on our knees in seconds if they ever lose them.  And that´s when I thought: If we were all living in a place like Rancho Sotol, with a hurricane proof home (that had hurricane protection for the solar panels as well), we would all be doing things the next sunny day after the storm, just like any other regular day of the week, maybe enjoying a morning spear fishing session to catch some fresh fish or bike ride along amazing desert trails with views of the beautiful blue Sea of Cortez.

And that´s what a sustainable travel experience can be like.  Where instead of riding a jet ski across the ocean, you can use the power of the wind, which will always be there.

On the other hand, places developed the Grand Tourism way (like Cabo San Lucas) waste resources on a huge scale, impact the land and contribute to global warming. I´m not implying that this way of living is wrong, but it´s not sustainable, and we can´t keep on doing it. We must develop smart ways that help us enjoy all our resources in a more responsible way.   


Strong storms like Odile might become a not so rare phenomenon after the increasing temperatures of the sea water thanks to global warming. So I think it´s great having places to vacation where low impact, efficient use of resources and hurricane proof homes are not only a way to protect yourself from the storms, but also the vaccine reduce our impact to this planet and slow down the warming

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