Happenings at Rancho Sotol

Date: 10/03/2015

The Club House

club house rancho sotol 2 views

club house rammed earth

club house rancho sotol 2 views 2

Blending with Baja´s nature and running off renewable energy, this rammed earth club house gives a spacious outdoor eat and play area while being very sober to the eye for anyone viewing from behind as it blends perfectly to its surroundings with the curved rammed earth walls. The pool to enjoy under the hot Baja sun and a stargazing cushioned area where you can get lost in the cosmos. Fully equipped bar,cooking station and a large family table so you can entertain your guests and enjoy time with your most loved ones. Restrooms and showers will be available for comfortability.

The Nano-Homes

nano homes around the world

Driven by a commitment to reduce energy consumption and built space, there’s a growing trend among the eco-conscious to build tiny homes. Simply put a Nano-homes are sustainable, low impact and cost effective. Smart architecture design that runs on renewable energies, using passive cooling systems and blending in with its natural endemic surroundings.

The travel and tourism industry has been changing over the years, now conscious travellers rather to stay in unique earth-friendly homes or glamping sites that allow them to rest and enjoy the natural beauty of the places they visit. These nano homes create a totally different experience.

Nano-homes coming soon in Rancho Sotol

anica nano home

anica nano home views

This project is called Anica (website A 485 ft2 rammed earth home with an exterior deck with an integrated hammock that flies over the ground. Designed by architect Alejandra Templeton, this house will be soon build on lot P21.

nano home rancho sotol

nano home la ventana baja sur

This nano-home is a 430 ft2 construction that will be buried on the ground, using highly thermal insulated materials and a rammed earth wall to give it a natural desert feel. This house was designed by San Francisco architect Adam Chisholm, is currently being build on lot S17 and will be ready by summer this year.
The best part? It will be available for rent.

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