Hood River South – Baja California Sur, Mexico

Date: 05/06/2014

Taste of Oregon on the Baja Coast

Oregon is well known amongst kiteboarders for the amazing scenery on the Hood River, and now you have a sister city with a little warmer climate and desertic scene amongst the open ocean If you ever feel like changing from the same spot without having to travel for endless hours. Some call La Ventana, Baja California Sur as the Hood River South, where kiteboarding is a daily activity from November to March.

There are 3 main launch areas in La Ventana:
1. Baja Joe launching area
2. La Ventana main campground or Playa Central Kiteboarding School
3. The beach “Agua Caliente” where there’s a natural hot spring on the beach (yes, you can dig your own natural Jacuzzi to rest in thermal waters after a long day of kiting.

If you ever get bored of kiting (like that’s ever going to happen) or the wind is just not blowing that well on a given day, you can always do some other world class activities this area is known for, like: scuba diving near the islands (Jacques Cousteau that’s right in front and Espiritu Santo near further up north),  spear fishing for some fresh fish, mountain biking on incredible routes or just spend a day on the island’s beaches with the clearest water you’ll see in a while. 

And if you feel like owning and securing an investment in this paradise just give us an email at and we’ll help you make a smart choice for owning a second home in Baja Sur, Mexico. 

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