Housing trends around the world 2014

Date: 17/04/2014

Global trends for housing are changing towards a more sustainable way of living and a smarter way of interacting with our surroundings. Conscious people are driven by a commitment to reduce energy consumption and built space to reduce their impact on the land. 

Imagine having several small homes around the world which offer different experiences, allowing you to enjoy different climates and spaces. And travelling trends for 2014 are just getting stronger, people are looking for privately owned rentals over hotels these days. 

Well, concepts like Rancho Sotol around the world will allow you to do just that. These so called boutique homes or nano homes present an innovative and sustainable architectural proposition, and that is exactly what you’ll be seeing in Rancho Sotol.

Now imagine some of those homes, with these views… would you like to join us?.

If you’re interested on homes like these, pick up a copy of the book Nano House by Phyllis Richardson (Thames & Hudson)

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