How to get to Rancho Sotol and La Ventana

Date: 27/03/2014

Getting to La Ventana (from Los Cabos)

To get to La Ventana you can take 2 different roads, depending on where you are and what you’re looking for. The safest road is going through the new highway that goes from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos and then up to La Paz and finally down to La Ventana. This is a well protected two lane highway that now has a new road that allows you to go towards La Paz without having to enter Todos Santos, which saves you about 30 min. Through this road you’ll pass through the small town for Pescadero (after passing Cabo San Lucas) and Todos Santos (which is now optional). Once you get to La Paz you have to take the road that goes towards Los Planes, and in about 30 min you’ll get to the road that takes you to the left towards El Sargento and La Ventana.

If you’re in San Jose del Cabo and want to go through the mountain road that goes through towns on the East Cape, then you will take the road towards the airport heading towards towns like Caduaño, Miraflores, Buena Vista, Los Barriles. After passing Los Barriles you’ll get to a small town called San Bartolo. San Bartolo a mango paradise town which has a beautiful valley full of mango trees and has several rest stops where you can get some coffee and some excellent burritos. If you’re passing by on the summer season you’ll see that the local population makes and sells all sorts of mango related products (we highly recommend you stop and eat in this town). Shortly after San Bartolo you’ll be entering another small town called San Antonio. Here you have to slow down and watch for the road to the right that heads towards Bahia de los Sueños and La Ventana. 

Head straight until you get to the end of the road where you have to go either right (towards Bahia de Los Sueños) or left (towards La Ventana). Take the left and in about 2.5 km you’ll se the road to the right that takes you to La Ventana (there’s a lot of signs for hotels and kite lessons).

Getting from La Paz to La Ventana

This one is easy. You just have to take the road that takes you towards Los Planes. Then take a left after about 30km towards El Sargento and La Ventana.

Getting To Rancho Sotol once in La Ventana

To get to Rancho Sotol once you’re in La Ventana you’ll take the main road until the pavement finishes and head on straight. You’ll have to make a small left turn, to make a right turn again to head towards the same direction (north towards the beach “Agua Caliente”) for about 2 km. Turn left on Pacifico street where you see the Rancho Sotol sign and follow the arrows, in about 2 km more you’ll get there.

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