Hurricane Odile Update for La Ventana, Baja Sur

Date: 29/09/2014

A fast recovery and we're ready for the season

This past September 14th hurricane Odile arrived to Los Cabos and traveled north through the Baja peninsula causing several damages to resorts, homes and the city's infrastructure. The East Cape and La Paz were hit with less force, so damages in these areas were less.

La Ventana was not affected much, only a couple of light posts, some windows and a couple of palapas. But order was restored very quickly as the town worked together in a friendly and ordered manner. The town’s vegetation is mostly made up by native plants, which withstood the winds perfectly, so there was not a lot of debrief around town.

Today all services are back (water, power and phone) and life is back to normal, with some great fishing days and a greater respect for nature’s wisdom and power.

As you know, Rancho Sotol is designed to keep Baja as natural and authentic as possible and all our vegetation is endemic, so fortunately for us, the damages to the area where basically 0%. The rammed earth entrance and the vegetation are basically intact and roads where not washed away. So things here are back to normal and ready to receive kiters whenever the wind starts blowing.

If you wish to know more about us or about La Ventana, please feel free to contact us at

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