Investment Opportunities in Baja Sur, Mexico

Date: 13/06/2014

An investment in Baja that works for you

Baja has always been a paradise getaway for many people looking to get some sun and enjoy a warmer climate, and after coming a couple of times you can see the benefits and growing value in owning land or a home here. But finding the right deal can be tricky, especially in places with high demand and low supply like Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

However, new areas of opportunity are arising, and one of them is La Ventana, BCS which has been getting attention because of the fast growing sport of kiteboarding. As many know, La Ventana is considered one of the top spots in the world for kiteboarding.

But owning a home and making it work on your favor (generating income instead of being an expense) is tricky, especially for a foreigner. So that is why the concept of Rancho Sotol becomes a reality; a smart investment opportunity to enjoy many world class outdoor activities by owning a sustainable home in club that will offer intelligent amenities and the will take care of your investment while making it work for you.

Contact us at for more information on how we can help you own a modern and smart home in one of the most gifted spots in Baja California Sur.

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