Why Off-The-Grid is better than being On-The-Grid in Baja

Date: 07/09/2015

Clean, reliable & independent energy

solar panels in Baja

Something that we have a lot of in Baja California all year long is sunshine, and not taking advantage of this is just non-sense, and the best way to take advantage is by using solar panels to generate the power needed to run your home.

Solar power technology has come a long way, and there´s still a long way to go, specially on the electricity storage technology (i.e. batteries). However, being off-the-grid and using solar energy is a better option than being connected to CFE (The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is a company created and owned by the Mexican government). Not only is it way cheaper in the long run, but it also has mayor advantages:

Having a Reliable Source of Energy: Not only are we talking about having sunshine for millions of years to come, and if you keep your equipment well maintained, you will always have electricity.

Being Independent: Just ask how easy it was for solar-powered homes after hurricane Odile hit Baja, while others had to wait close to a month to have power back in their homes. The off-the-grid homes just had to protect the solar panels from the storm and where able to start harvesting more energy the next day. Sometimes power lines fail and it can take hours or days for the CFE to respond to the call and fix things for you, imagine if this happens on an important date! Also, forget about over charges or having to deal with getting back and forth to try to clarify any type of receipt or reconnection of your service, it can be a nightmare.

Helping the world to generate clean and sustainable energy: A big reality is that our modern society needs to make the change to clean and sustainable energy sources, and so far solar energy is the best option. The days where the mentality “the world is too big, nothing will happen” is over, our population is big and the energy consumption need is huge, we cant keep relying on fossil fuels to generate power.

In Baja, being off-the-grid is not something new, people have been doing it for decades. So you can find many suppliers and professionals that are fully prepared to instal, service and suggest the perfect fit for your needs. If you want to combine an off-the-grid home with the most spectacular views in Baja, then you should probably build in Rancho Sotol. Give us a call today and discover the many advantages of being part of our community.

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