Our Architect Gaddo Piazzesi

Date: 17/12/2014

Modern desert designs

Rancho Sotol is closely collaborating with Italian architect Gaddo Piazzesi and his wife architect Elisa Bulgarelli who have been living and working in Baja Sur for several years now.

Born in Florence in 1971, Gaddo was educated at the University of Florence, where he met, Elisa. He worked at his fatherĀ“s architecture firm for 10 years, but felt constricted by the Italian restrictions and protections of all the historic buildings there. He was not allowed to freely express his leanings towards modern, contemporary architecture, since 90% of the available projects were remodels of historic buildings.

Once in Baja, Gaddo started experimenting and working with different materials and had complete freedom to develop his contemporary ideas and make them reality.

Here are some images of his previous works in Baja:

Casa GT

Pan di Bacco at Cabo San Lucas

Casa E

Casa LR

Pool S

Casa K

Casa R

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