Private residential development with panoramic ocean views in Baja Sur

Date: 26/06/2014

The best views and world-class amenities

If you’re searching for your next real estate investment in Mexico for you’re a second home, we got something for you.

home views in la ventana rancho sotol

Rancho Sotol is a private club where members build their sustainable vacation home in one of the most beautiful and adventurous spots in all Baja; La Ventana. 

This fishermen town is home to the best kiteboarding in the world, a hot water beach where you can make your own Jacuzzi in the sand, an incredible island only 14 km away where you can go any day of the year, world-class mountain bike trails, and of course, a paradise for sportfishing and spearfishing. You may even think this is a lie or that we’re exaggerating, but it’s all true, and this paradise is barely getting attention.

Now, just like all paradises, this one is also fragile so we must do our best to preserve it. That’s why the aim of Rancho Sotol is to keep a low impact model where nature comes first and blending in with nature is paramount. 

What we offer is a responsible way to live in Baja and a more intelligent way to enjoy what it offers.

For more information on how you can join us please contact us at

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