Rancho Sotol and the responsible travel worldwide trend

Date: 11/03/2014

Rancho Sotol is a place for responsible travelers

The so called “Responsible Travel” is a new holiday and travelling trend which raised up in the recent years, and which is quickly changing the tourism market and industry. For several reasons people are more and more interested in spending their holiday time close to nature and the local communities in the respect of the ecosystems, and are looking for places to stay where the environmental impact is minimal.

Rancho Sotol is one of the best examples in Baja Sur and Mexico of combining the Eco-sustainable holiday trends with a luxurious solution of staying and the benefit of a highly rentable investment. Satisfying your need to spend your own holidays in one of the best and most beautiful natural spots in Baja Sur, with the earning which you will get from renting your property the rest of the year, in the form of the Eco-Hotel.

We are an organization which will make the management of your property a hassle-free issue when you are not on-site.

All of this and much more is Rancho Sotol, in La Ventana, Baja California Sur.

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