5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Rancho Sotol

Date: 09/08/2014

A smart choice for anyone to make

Baja California Sur is one of the most gifted places on earth, and many are now looking to invest here in order to have a perfect getaway. There are many options on possibilities, but if you're looking for something out of the beaten path that makes sense then Rancho Sotol is the perfect spot, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Unique Architectural Creations with Amazing Views.

 Rancho Sotol is a space where you’ll experience different architectural creations and fresh designs for low impact vacations homes that blend with the Baja landscape and use sustainable building techniques. Thanks to the landscape and a well thought master plan, all homes will have great panoramic views or the bay and the island and also enjoy lots of privacy thanks to its location on the hillside.

2. Stress-free healthy lifestyle

La Ventana is a small town where traffic doesn’t exist, people are super friendly, time is not a stress factor and the main recreation activities are adventure sports.

3. Low Impact Development to Set an Example

Our goal is to set an example on how taking advantage of the natural beauty of this desert, which has taken hundreds of years to flourish, to create unique spaces that allow you to appreciate the sometimes misunderstood endemic vegetation of this paradise.

Typical resorts and developments in Baja usually have big impact on their surrounding environments, usually eliminating endemic vegetation and substituting it with tropical vegetation that needs lot of water. We believe change is needed and we should push towards a more sustainable way of developing.

 4. Win-win rental program

You can take advantage of our rental program that allows you to rent your home in a hassle-free way while you’re back home.  We’ll make sure your house is rented throughout the year and that all your guests are happy and enjoying all the amenities so you can relax knowing your place is safe and generating cash flow.

We handle all the marketing strategies and guests’ administration while you sit back knowing things is taken care of. 

5. A paradise where the main attractions are crisis-proof

La Ventana is a natural paradise which main attractions are its wind, water and landscape. We don’t rely on golf courses, amusement parks, or any other man made attractions which have high maintenance costs and rely on a healthy economy.

But in La Ventana, no matter how bad a crisis can be, the water and fish will still be there, the wind will keep blowing and the landscapes won’t change. Kiteboading, mountain biking, spear fishing, kayaking are all healthy sustainable ways of entertainment that will be available at no cost for you or your family.

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