Sustainable Development in La Paz, Baja Sur

Date: 24/03/2014

A new concept aiming towards a better future

La Paz is world known for its natural beauty, though few developments are actually caring for it as we all should. Rancho Sotol is a new concept in developing where nature and its resources come first.  

Rancho Sotol is a low density and low impact development that will only have a 29% footprint on the whole area.

Also, Rancho Sotol has designed a big area of the land as a nature reserve, protecting this land forever, that means, no matter what anybody wants, it’s impossible to build anything on this designated area.

It’s also part of a strategy that will allow all Rancho Sotol members to have the views that exist right now, forever. Twenty years can pass by and buildings can grow in the area, but your views will be protected by having all this nature reserve in on a downhill that ensures nobody can block your views.


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