Sustainable homes in Baja, Mexico.

Date: 07/03/2014

A smarter way to live in Baja

You might find a couple of sustainable homes in Baja Sur, Mexico, specially on places that are protected by environmentalist like Cabo Pulmo, or places that are far away from town and need to be as efficient as possible. And many times these homes don’t have a very appealing design.

In Rancho Sotol we aim towards making sustainable living comfortable, beautiful and easy. We’re working with architects that specialize in bioclimatic design to create intelligent and efficient designs that work with the environment and look awesome.

Using materials with thermal properties and with proper studies of the sun’s trajectory you can create a home that’s cool in summer and warm during winter without the need of heating or refrigeration. Creating spaces that interact and encourage the enjoyment of the desert’s beauty, protecting and benefiting from trees and species that are hundreds of years old. A good design and proper systems will allow you to live off-the-grid without ever noticing your doing so. 

And we believe this is the way we must begin to develop in Baja in order to best make use of the limited resources we have and help our environment stay healthier for a longer time. Contact us if you wish to know some more about these type of buildings and the architects behind these great designs.

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