Why the name “Rancho Sotol”?

Date: 28/03/2014

Conservation is what we do

By now you surely know that Rancho Sotol is about conservation and integrating into the local community. We wanted our name to speak of this.

When the perfect spot that reunited all the characteristics was found we asked locals what the name of this area was. They said “We call it ‘el sotol’”. Respecting the name that was already given to the area by locals, we kept the word “Sotol”.

Sotol is a type of agave that is commonly known as Desert Spoon in English. This plant is native to arid environments of northern Mexico and in the southwestern United States. There’s actually a very good spirit made from this agave in Chihuahua called “sotol” that is very similar to tequila (and we’ve got some here!). They say that if you like tequila, you’ll love sotol.

And why “Rancho”? Well, this place and a ranch share something very important in common; the emotional feeling of being disconnected from the stress of the city and connected to the calmness and serenity that nature conveys.  

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