Upcoming Travel Destination in Baja Sur's East Cape

Date: 10/09/2014

If you’re searching for upcoming areas in Baja California Sur you can be assured that La Ventana, Baja Sur is definitely one of them.

But why is this small town getting so popular lately? 

Well, first of all is because it’s one of the best places in the world for kiteboarding, especially for learners.  With amazing landscapes, great water temperature, plenty of space and constant winds.

Not only is it big on kiteboarding, but other adventure water sports like scuba diving on the island or spear fishing with friends and hunt your own dinner.

And if you ever get tired of water activities, land activities are also quite interesting here. Go mountain biking through desert trails (from beginners to expert trails) while you admire majestic sceneries of the Sea of Cortez and the Cerralvo Island, follow paths on the edge of cliffs or just go on long rides along the coast and take a dip in the water anytime you want.

But if relaxing is what you’re after, La Ventana has that covered also. Not by being a very laid back town where peace and quiet is easy to obtain, but there’s also an amazing hot springs beach where you can just dig up your own “Jacuzzi” in the sand and enjoy therapeutic hot water while you enjoy an amazing view of the sea and the island. Not even the most luxurious spas in the world can brag about something like this.

Who would want to own a vacation property on a place like this? Well that’s why Rancho Sotol, was created. A concept that allows you to have a secure investment that can even generate ROI through our rental program and will be safely cared for throughout the year. A place where you can enjoy several amenities and while keeping a low impact on the natural beauty of this fragile ecosystem. 

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