Ways to join Low Impact living in Baja, Mexico

Date: 18/04/2014

There are a large number of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint when living on the desert. Most of these improvements might cost money, but on a long term are way less costly.

Conduct an energy audit
Most homes use a large amount of energy when using old appliances and light bulbs. Replace your appliances with ones that are energy efficient and be sure to replace your light bulbs as well, a good solution is LED light bulbs which last much longer and consume small amounts of energy.

Thermal properties 
It’s important to be able to keep your house at a nice temperature without the use of air conditioning equipments. One of the most important factors is your home insulation, this will prevent heat exchange to carry on effectively with the outside, keeping temperature for longer periods of time. Geothermal cooling and heating systems are one of the most effective systems available.

Solar Power
Use of solar panel is another step of going green with your house. They can serve as an alternative source of energy and reduce your monthly energy bill. Technologies on this field have gone a long way and prices are more accessible.  These systems will save you the money you invest on them in a couple of years.

Water Usage
There are several systems that allow you to collect rain water and also allow you to recycle some of the water you use.  For example, using your shower water for your toilet or for watering plants outside (as long as you use biodegradable products when showering).

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