Jacques Cousteau Island and Espiritu Santo Island: Mexico's Treasures

Date: 07/11/2014

The Jacques Cousteau Island and it’s neighbor island Espiritu Santo are without a doubt very important national treasures for the marine ecosystem of the Sea of Cortes, which was named as “the worlds aquarium” by the famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. Beneath the surface of the Sea of Cortes lies a world much bigger and full of life than we can possibly imagine, you only need one dive to explore this amazing underwater universe and understand why it was named as the aquarium of the world.

A recent article written by Marco Daniel Guzmán describes this area as a small heart of the Sea of Cortes:

“This area of Baja Sur is a sanctuary that consists of several amazing and indescribable natural bays islands, and is home to about 40% of the species of marine mammals in the world. Watching dozens of sea lions with the contrasting orange sunset was one of my most memorable experiences; they were there, free and frolicking on a ridge of the Espiritu Santo island in Baja Sur.

The area of the Sea of Cortez is home to about 40% of the species of marine mammals in the world, a third of all cetacean species as well as being the only place in the world where there are underwater sand falls, including 244 islands and islets and coastal areas of surrounding states, contains 4,500 known species of marine invertebrates, 181 species of birds and 695 plants, 28 of which are found only in this region. It contains more than eight hundred and ninety species of fish, about ninety are unique to the region. “

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