Why Rancho Sotol and why La Ventana, Baja Sur?

Date: 11/09/2014

Here's 5 great reasons for investing in Rancho Sotol:

1. Located at Baja's authentic and fast growing destination, La Ventana, BCS.

2. Smart master plan allowing everybody to have incredible panoramic views of the island and sea for a lifetime. Sustainable architecture and intelligent CC&Rs

3. Amazing common areas for members (club house, pool, observatory, mountain bike trail, rest stations)

4. Geographic advantages: Only 30 min from La Paz, 1 hour from Cerritos surf beach, 1.5 hours from Cabo Pulmo and 2 hours from Los Cabos.

5. A smart rental program that allows you to have a hassle-free and quick ROI


Why La Ventana, Baja California Sur?

1. Laid-back, small and friendly fishermen town in the middle of paradise

2. One of the top 5 places in the world for kiteboarding

3. A beach with hot springs were you can dig your own natural Jacuzzi

4. A protected 136.498 kmĀ² island (the Jacques Cousteau island) surrounded by abundant marine life

5. A prime location for big game fishing and amazing spear fishing

6. A wide variety of amazing mountain bike trails

7. Calm and turquoise blue water perfect for swimming, kayaking, SUP and snorkeling.

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