First Model House for Rancho Sotol in La Ventana, Baja Sur

Date: 22/10/2014

The first 3 phase model almost done

From glamping to a 3 bedroom house

This is our first 3 phase home option for Rancho Sotol. These are the first renderings of the unique creation by architect Gaddo Piazzesi, who has many years of experience creating homes in Baja California Sur, working with luxury homes and off-the-grid concepts alike.

Integrating rammed earth details, open spaces and lots of views that allow residents to enjoy the outdoors. The first phase consists of a 80 square meter room with bathroom and kitchen, perfect as a “glamping spot”.

The second and third phase of the project integrate other bedrooms and an outdoor sitting and fire pit area for a perfect stargazing night. It can grow up to 160 square meters of construction (having only 130 square meters on the first level).

Work is still in progress, but keep tuned for updates and building costs or contact us to inquire more about this model.

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