Nano Homes in Rancho Sotol La Ventana, Baja Mexico

Date: 12/03/2015

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Simply described a Nano home is: sustainable, low impact and cost effective building.

You can find a wide variety of well designed nano homes around the world, as space and conservation become a priority for new generations of that bring creative and attractive ways to enjoy highly efficient living spaces. This new trend is becoming popular because architects are maximizing space and its been reflected on the total building cost.

These inspirational homes can be seen in deserts, woods, mountain tops and in all climates of the world in countries like Spain, USA, Chile, Holland, UK, and more places over time. And now it´s time to have them in Baja, a place with a fragile ecosystem that gives the world a comfortable spot to enjoy a second home in a perfect weather.

Architects design based on a realistic space homeowners use and of course they add great elements for a nice ambiance and look.

Low impact
A small footprint is not only earth-friendly, its easy to maintain.

Renewable energy sources such as solar power, passive cooling and heating systems, and eco building material that add value to the house.

A few months ago Adam, an experienced architect from San Francisco with residential background became a Rancho Sotol member. Contact us and we can keep you in the loop. Home is estimated to be completed and of 2015.
The best news? This nano home will be available to rent.

nano home la ventana baja sur

View the two nano-homes coming up at Rancho Sotol:

1. Anica

2. La casa de Julia y Adam

If you want to learn more about nano homes and the best homesites, do not hesitate contact us. We will put you in contact with our architects.

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