Why property will only become more valuable over time in La Ventana?

Date: 07/02/2015

Not only a kiteboading paradise. A town aiming towards sustainable traveling trends

horseback riding la ventana baja sur

As many of you know, La Ventana is one of the best spots in the world for kiteboarding, and it’s one of the main reasons why there’s an international crowd visiting every year. But not only is kiteboarding huge. According to, La Ventana is also home to the top MTB trails in Mexico (making it on #1, #4 and #5 on the list), where you can ride along desert trails with some of the most amazing ocean and island views available in Baja. Keeping the sporting list, La Ventana is also a popular spot for scuba diving and spear fishing on the diverse and populated water around the Jacques Cousteu Island (a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site).

mtb in la ventana baja sur

But not only is this spot popular for its amazing adventure sports. It’s secluded beaches, pristine turquoise waters and one of a kind natural phenomena (hot springs at the beach) also make this place a spectacular spot for enjoying a stress-free vacation where you can relax, enjoy the weather and spend a night stargazing the clear Baja sky.

beaches of la ventana baja sur

Being a small town visited by travelers from all over the world, nightlife and social events are common to see every day of the week (there’s no such thing as a weekend when every day is a vacation sunny day).

kiteboarding la ventana baja sur

Local fishermen are now switching their way of generating income by providing eco-tourism services to all visitors, making not only their life better and more rewarding, but also protecting the area’s preservation and allowing the nature to prevail, which in return keeps attracting more business for them.

All of this and much more make this town a location that keeps growing and attracting adventurers seeking for accommodation and land to build their second home, where natural amenities are not only recession-proof but are way better than any golf course or man-made attraction.

Rancho Sotol is a place where you can own a second home with the best views in La Ventana and a huge rental potential in a low density development that smoothly integrates with these traveling trends in Baja.

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